Our Management

Paul Parreno – Founder of Carpedm Adventures is a proud Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Has                       come back to my ancestral roots to re-discover the essence of this wonderful country. Having the priviledge of being  both Canadian & Ecuadorian heritage allows him to take the best of two worlds and create new travel experiences like no other. Having worked over 6 years for the No. 1   service leader among top five Canadian banks, he brings the  corporate “know-how” to this industry.
Having had the privledge to work with some of the best operators in Ecuador, Paul makes it a point when possible to personally experience everything offered. While there is still more to explore, he has been to the Galapagos at least 4 times, into the Amazon Region of Cuyabeno Reserve, Huaorani Territory & many times into Tena, not to mention has climbed the summit of Cotopaxi & most recently Chimborazo.

A firm believer in building the local talent of the country and giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills on an International platform.


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