Consuelo Robalino – Was our diamond in the rough. Her mother, runs a small business and had enquired whether we take  Interns from the local Toursim program from the Central University. Two weeks later, Consuelo began as an Intern sharing her vast knowledge with tourists. At first, she was shy but over time, she has developed into a force to be reckoned with. Having been coached by four previous employees Miriam Hutter, Julia Haessler, Elise Nootebos & Ivan Carrera, she learned the ways of the warrior which she embodies today.

After graduating from University Central she came on board full time. Learning the Operation side of the business, she quickly adapted to the fast paced environment and has proven a great asset to the company. When not running the Operation side of the business, Consuelo can be found on the dance floor showcasing her dynamic salsa skills. Not to mention, she’s put a few men to shame summitting Cotopaxi Volcano in record time.

She’s totally committed in everything she does and is always looking to enhance your skills. She’s without a doubt a top talent for Carpedm and we’ve delighted her mother decided to approach us 2 years ago.


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